Sister Group: Qualitative Research Methods

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Qualitative Brown Bag Lunches (bring your own sandwiches!)

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These meetings take place alternating between the fourth Thursday and Friday of every month from 12.30-1.30pm in room 226 on the 2nd floor of the Primary Care Building. They are an opportunity for all those doing qualitative research to informally share the work they are doing, to test run conference presentations, to get advice on any challenges they are encountering during their research, or to get feedback on early findings/project ideas from an informed (but friendly!) audience. There are also themed sessions to discuss and explore the fundamentals of qualitative research.

If you would like more information, have a presentation or workshop you can offer, or want to suggest a theme, please get in touch with Antje (



Thursday 22nd November

Friday 26th October

Thursday 27th September

Friday 24th August

Thursday 28th June

Friday 25th May

Thursday 26th April

Friday 23rd March

Thursday 22nd February

Friday 19th January




Previous meetings


Friday 24rd November: Experiences and opinions of clinicians receiving a telephone outreach intervention for patients with acute kidney injury (Antje Lindenmeyer).

Thursday 28th September: qualitative work exploring young people’s preferences in relation to online screening for STIs (Louise Jackson)

Friday 25th August: Adapting to ulcerative colitis to try to live a ‘normal’ life: a qualitative study of patients’ experiences (Christel McMullan)

Thursday 22nd June: How do parents cope when their child has a life changing admission to hospital? A Qualitative Research Protocol (Sally Bradshaw)

Friday 26th May: Antje’s Work in Progress: Transnational Health Seeking

Friday 31st March: Qualitative aspects of a project aiming to improve the detection of avoidable hospital deaths using retrospective case record review (An Te)

Thursday 23rd February: Understanding the lived experiences of severe postnatal psychiatric illnesses in South Asian women, living in the UK: A qualitative study
(Harpreet Sihre)


Friday 21st October:  Focus Groups (Farina/Rachel F-T)

Thursday 22nd September: Experiences of LGBT individuals in Nigeria during engagement with healthcare providers (Adekemi Sekoni)

Friday 26th August:  Celebration of a successful year and further plans; plus research idea on transnational medication practice (AL)

Thursday 23rd June: Lavanya Diwakar: Parents’ experiences of having a child diagnosed with an allergy–qualitative results from Lavanya’s PhD

Friday 27th May: Ruth Backman: Friday 27th May: Evaluation of a randomised controlled trial testing a complex intervention – a mixed methods approach.

Thursday 21st April: Clare Stradling: Qualitative interviews exploring barriers and facilitators to dietary change. This relates to an RCT of a dietary intervention for people with HIV; the protocol can be found here:

Friday 26th February: Joanne Clarke: Obesity Prevention in Primary Schools. For the publication see here:

Thursday 26th January: Farina Kokab/ Rachel Foskett-Tharby discussed the use of a behavioural model (COM-B) in applied qualitative research on QOF


Thursday 26th November (Albert Farre) on ethnographic research in hospitals

Friday 23rd October (Christel McMullan/ Sue Wright) on qualitative research in clinical trials

Thursday 24th September (Chris Wagstaff)

Friday 26th June: The power of grounded theory (paper discussion) Charmaz power of grounded theory

Thursday 28th May: Theory in qualitative research (Caroline Bradbury Jones) theoretical frameworks in qualitative research

Friday 24th April: Discussion of Margaret Sandelowski’s paper on writing thematically for applied health research

Thursday 26th March: Ghaiath Hussein introduced his PhD on ethical considerations in the health-related research involving humans conducted during armed conflicts (Darfur)

Thursday 28th January:  Session led by Rachel Adams on qualitative action research and the use of theory


Friday 28th November: Preliminary results from Antje’s & Sabi’s study of migrants’ experiences of illness and accessing health services: Migrant Health and Negotiating Change

Thursday 30th October: Ethics in qualitative research: Brown Bag Seminar 30th October 2014

Friday 26th September: Qualitative methods and realistic evaluation Realistic Approach Brown Bag September

Friday 27th June: Joint session with Rachel Adams and Pauline Christmas who presented examples from their qualitative PhD research:

Rachel Adams: The role of linguistic politeness in patients’ participation in decision-making in primary care consultations

Pauline Christmas: Perspectives from parents, guardians and nursery workers on a novel type of movement therapy for pre-school children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: Brown Bag 27th June meeting abstracts

30th May: Lavanya discussed her plans for a qualitative part of her PhD thesis exploring the experiences of parents whose children were diagnosed with allergy: Abstract for 30th May 12

2nd MayThe embodied researcher: examples from the literature: Brown Bag Seminar 02 May 2014

28th March: Antje’s work in progress on emotion in primary care consultations on weight.

28th February: Louise Jackson discussed preliminary findings from a qualitative synthesis on women’s experiences of participating in STI testing.


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