Across the Atlantic: ECRAG goes to NAPCRG!

Dearest readers,

Your ECRAG co-chairs Farina Kokab and Grace Moran had the pleasure of attending the North American Primary Care Research Group conference in non other than New York city, Times Square during November 2014.

napcrg ecrag

This was a large and active conference and many members of the Primary Care department crossed the ocean to attend. There was a large  variety of research presented and researchers received brilliant feedback within the highly interactive forums.

There were large poster displays almost daily alongside a plethora of talks, discussions and interest group meetings. Fear not, attendees also had the opportunity to visit the popular landmarks across the vibrant NYC.

The conference was hosted in the magnificent, towering Marriott Marquee hotel in Times Square and was full to the brim with keen academics and researchers alike.

Session topics included: Behavioural and Psychosocial, Cancer Research, Cardiovascular, Chronic Pain, Clinical (no restrictions), Diabetes, Education and Training, Epidemiology, Geriatrics, Global Health, Health Care Delivery and Health Services Research, Health Care Disparities, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Hypertension, Infectious Diseases, Medical Informatics, Musculoskeletal, Obesity-Exercise-Nutrition, Office and Practice Management, Palliative Care, Paediatrics, Practice-Based Research and Practice Network Research, Prescribing Practice and Medication Management, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Vulnerable Populations, Women’s Health issues and Gynaecology…Phew! If you are interested in any of these topics we would be happy to pass on details for moderators and presentations.

Farina Kokab presented a poster titled ” Social Capital and the Pursuit of Cardiovascular Health: Interviews with Pakistani Migrants in the UK” to a wide audience, ranging from attendees across the World and the UK (specifically Scotland). The poster received useful feedback and Farina’s research was mentioned in the Cambridge Centre for Health Service Blog. Researchers working alongside the South Asian community were keen to discuss recruitment techniques, particularly with language barriers and literacy skills. There was also plenty of time to discuss the outcomes of such findings, especially novel insights in to cultural, religious and generational differences within the South Asian diaspora.Twitter was also a useful tool to access the  social media platform and engage with other researchers, sharing ideas and developing a dialogue on interesting presentations at the conference. Many links were made with like-minded researchers.

Grace Moran also presented a poster titled “Missed opportunities for the prevention of stroke and TIA in primary care” alongside a talk “More than a mini stroke”. There was a lot of interest in the use of electronic databases for research, especially the strengths and weaknesses researchers in Canada and the Netherlands have come across. Grace’s talk was well received and the Q&A session provided ample opportunity to consider the project from different perspectives.

The conference lasted 4 days and not one opportunity was missed to dip one’s toes in something new and interesting.

We would highly recommend applying to international conferences as they create an atmosphere unlike any other. They provide the opportunity to present your work to a wide audience and view your research through different lenses. They way in which we perceive our work was challenged by local attendees, who despite a similar research background viewed our findings through different experiences, in particular related to the political climate or differences in healthcare services.

Travelling to New York re-ignited our passion for carrying out our research and gave as a new sense of enthusiasm for presenting it. We were fortunate enough to present, discuss and discover new research midst the back drop of such a fantastic city!

napcrg ecrag 2

For more information do not hesitate to contact Farina Kokab or Grace Moran (on our research topics, ECRAG or simply a few tips on what to do/where to go in NYC!)

Till next time…

Farina Kokab fxk660@bham.ac.uk


2 thoughts on “Across the Atlantic: ECRAG goes to NAPCRG!

  1. Well done Farina and Grace on your successful trip to NYC. Interesting to hear about the global interest in UK research – still in the vanguard? Look forward to hearing from you and other e-craggers about conference trips, home and abroad.

    1. Thank you, Jenny! Apologies for the delay. We should do a session on conferences perhaps next! Would love to collab with you on something too

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