ECRAG meeting update

NIHR Research Design Services: George Dowswell 12th June, 2014

Dear ECRAG-ers!

Our latest meeting took place on 12th of June and we are very happy to report back on the informative session that took place.

In true ECRAG tradition, the warm-up began with a lively discussion on favourite types of music. Safe to say, the diversity in our research is reflected in our taste with sufi, bhangra, techno, classical, contemporary and indie rock thrown in to the mix, with of course a little bit of Britney Spears!

Now, on to more serious business…


George Dowswell from the NIHR research design services highlighted the assistance on offer with a range of advice for researchers, on the cusp of developing research protocols and designs. The services provide feedback on methodology and help develop and design high quality research proposals for national, peer-reviewed funding competitions.RDS-map

The RDS charter is aimed to provide confidential feedback, find suitable funding and collaboration as well as research support in terms of materials and resources.

It is the role of the applicant to consider the advice and reflect on the recommendations made by the services. Staff members are front-line advisers, methodological experts and operate on a 72 hour- 1 week response rate. The range of help available varies from study design to ethical considerations, research team and beyond. The aim is to take an idea for a research project to a proposal with prospects for funding.

So, what can you do? Begin with prep work, get a good understanding of the literature and background to your research idea, get regular feedback and find out about the forms you need to complete for funding purposes.  A well defined question and some idea of funding streams will put you in a position to have your form reviewed and feedback from the services. Remember to specify what issues you have, what matters most to your research and what kind of support you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact the NIHR Research Design Services now, the HUB for West Midlands located at your very own UoB.

For further information:

Farina Kokab | @FarinaK


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