Funding Alert! Exciting MRC Fellowship opportunities

The MRC (Medical Research Council) is offering numerous exciting fellowship opportunities that are right up our street! The best part, is HaPS is keen to support MRC applications and the University offers a great support network to help with your application!


Biomedical Informatics Fellowship: Awarded at post-doctoral entry level only. All proposals must include a well-specified formal training element in addition to a research project.

Early career fellowship in economics of health: Extends the preceding joint MRC/NIHR/ESRC fellowship, established to support two rounds of annual fellowship competitions.

Methodology Research Fellowship: Part of MRC’s renewed commitment to methods development research aimed at developing the methodological research leaders of tomorrow.

Population health scientist fellowship: Early career training and development in population health sciences.

Career development award in biostatistics: Postdoctoral fellowship to support individuals working in, or who wish to move into, health related research.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you wish to apply please complete an intention to submit form and return to by Tuesday 8th April. To obtain an intention to submit form contact Craig Maskell (

For more information including eligibility criteria and deadlines visit the MRC website:


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