ECRAG meeting summary

Notes from ECRAG meeting: Feb 20th 2014

Dearest ECRAG members,

Welcome to another update! Last week’s session was fun filled, informative and very interesting as we had Professor Roy Bicknell give a wonderful presentation on PERCAT and how it encourages those of us interested in research, all from a HaPs perspective.

The session began with an informal round of introductions, where members were asked what the meaning of their name is. Much to our surprise royalty appears to be gracing the corridors of Primary care and Public Health as numerous names appear to originate from Princesses, Kings and Bollywood stars (Sabrina, Roy and Feroz). There were also a few religious definitions, whereas some remain a mystery.


Following our casual introduction, Roy began presenting his talk whilst keeping the floor open for questions and discussions. The take home message was that as long as you keep a keen interest in professional and personal development, you can be a grounded researcher and PERCAT offers a range of activities that encourage Grad students and staff the opportunity for this development. There is a range of Masterclasses on offer, with a variety of talks from guest speakers (past talks include former MP Lyne Jones and Professor Alice Roberts). There was a real emphasis for developing your skills through different channels and considering applying for grants (small and large), as well as fellowships and applying the skills we have acquired through research into different domains.

We should also bear in mind that beyond universities and academic institutes, we as researchers should engage with the medical research council and the government in order to highlight our social impact on medical practice.

PERCAT will be holding more classes, their Scriptoria workshops (detailed breakdown of how to write academically) and co-ordinating with LES (life and environmental sciences) as well as Nottingham University for events and Galas. Roy also emphasised the importance of applying for small funds and grants (between £500-5000) to support research, fellowships and personal development as your ability to gain funding will help you stand out.

Roy encourages HaPs members to put forward ideas for talks and speakers that would appeal to our interests and areas of research. You can interact with PERCAT on their Facebook page or Twitter feed (@Unibirm_PERCAT) or directly email Lesley Bodenham (PERCAT co-ordinator) on


Next ECRAG meeting:

Our next ECRAG meeting will certainly be a popular one, Graphic Designer Sarah Brubaker will be giving a talk on effective Poster and PowerPoint design.

“Communicating through simple and effective design”- Thursday 20th March, 2014 in Primary Care 12.30-1.30pm (room 226). More information will be provided closer to date.





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